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Welcome to Misprints (Miss Prince).

The tale of a prince like no other prince around :) Chapter 1 is a preview on SJ, please read the rest on Tap:

5 years later...

Okay, so. Who in the world is still reading this comic???? I logged into SJ today expecting cobwebs and instead saw that it still gets regular traffic.... How's that even possible when it was hidden?????

Well, to whom ever is still reading this, my apologies for the long wait. I'll be revamping and continuing the story as of today. It's been a loooong time but I haven't forgotten about it. I would say that even up until last year (2015) I was still fiddling around with character back story and stuff.

The unintended long break happened at a trying time in life and my time and energy was devoted to dealing with that. And then once that was over, I moved to a new country for work. But things are good now, so I'll finally finish the story.


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